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Next Event: Banquet November 28th.

Address: Davenport, IA (See below)


****Keithsburg results and the final points are posted*****

If your name is highlighted in Yellow you have an award coming for placing in your class. If your # is highlighted in green you will be receiving a plaque for attending all of the races. I will also need you to e-mail me the picture you want to use on that to


Do to the renovating for the Grand Opening of the Moto Armory in January. The WFO Banquet will be at the Holiday Inn 4215 Elmore Ave, Davenport, IA. On Saturday November 28th 2015.


That doesn’t give us much time. Please fill out the form and get it back ASAP. I will have forms at Keithsburg at sign up. We will plan ahead better for next year and get it back in December.

Click here for the form.


Attention: 50cc riders Greg Blaesing has wrapped up the 40-B Class and he would like to Donate his awards toward the 50cc Classes. Therefore we will be going back top 7 places in the 4-6 & 7-8 Classe

Click here to renew or apply for your AMA card online.  Don't wait until the first event and have to stand in a long line.

You will need to be a member of an organized district to receive WFO year end awards.

Please have your race entry forms filled out when you arrive. They are available below.


Check out WFO Promotions on Facebook. 


Want to save time at signup? 

Use your computer and fill out this form ahead of time.  Print it and bring it with you to the race. 
This will be faster and easier for our staff to read.  Plus no looking for an ink pen.

Click here for the form.

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