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National Hare Scramble

October 12th.


Moved to Geneseo, IL due to heavy rain.


Address: 26455 Hwy 82
                Geneseo, IL




Because of heavy rains the National has been moved to Geneseo, IL. There are several motels in Geneseo and lots of them in the Moline, IL area.  Sorry for the inconvenience but there was simply to much rain in the Plainview area to have a race.


The results are posted for the Geneseo enduro.  Click Here


Notice: Now the Geneseo flyer and entry form for the National HS are posted. Click the national button.



Kylie Kelsall has post a bunch of pictures from the WFO races on her FB page.  Click the Pictures  button for more info.


Click here to renew or apply for your AMA card online.  Don't wait until the first event and have to stand in a long line.

You will need to be a member of an organized district to receive WFO year end awards.

Please have your race entry forms filled out when you arrive. They are available below.


Check out WFO Promotions on Facebook. 


Want to save time at signup? 

Use your computer and fill out this form ahead of time.  Print it and bring it with you to the race. 
This will be faster and easier for our staff to read.  Plus no looking for an ink pen.

Click here for the form.